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Recording Journal: Day 44

We moved yesterday's recording to today. That means we'll likely be recording three days in a row. I thought it'd be a good idea to create some goal for the next three days so we don't spend too much time thinking about what to tackle next. That's the first thing we did today.

We started actually recording on Track 9. I still had some guitar left to record: the intro riff and the solo. We focused on the intro today. I'd spent some time in the past few days changing it from how it was in the demo. It wound up going even more smoothly than I expected. In addition to that, I added a background guitar part that's mostly just supposed to add a little depth.

After that we moved to Track 12. I wanted to try some of the background vocals. I knew it'd be a little tricky since they're near the top of my range, but Stephen figured we had a better shot at it when my voice is fresh. It made sense to me. We took a bit of time to create a midi I could follow. I thought I'd sent one previously, but it wasn't there. Anyway, the recording was pretty easy, which was unexpected. It was a delightful surprise though. Since it went so smooth, I decided to try the background vocals in the pre-chorus. Those were a bit more of a struggle, but it wasn't too bad. Once I finished recording that we took some time to edit them. They sound really nice.

We stopped recording after that, but we took some time to edit one of the choruses in Track 1. We're going to try and have that editing finished by the weekend so we can start on background vocals next week. After that, we called it a night. We record again tomorrow.