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Recording Journal: Day 45

We picked up where we left off yesterday: editing the chorus vocals for Track 1. That went slow. I'm hoping it'll all come together when the background vocals show up. As it is now I feel better about the verses than the choruses. We did make it through though, and that means the editing is done on Track 1!

For the recording portion of our day, we focused on Track 8's background vocals. Our first priority was the chorus. The harmonies are kind of low, and we didn't want to emphasize the lows, so we used a different mic in place of the ribbon. Stephen tells me it was the precursor to the SM57, and that's fun. The mic worked just as we'd hoped. The background vocals really helped fill out the song. After the chorus, we decided to try some background vocals on the breakdown too. Those also went pretty smooth, so we decided to try a bit more. We wound up going for an octave of the harmony at the end of the breakdown. It was pretty fun, and I think it'll serve the song well.

After that, we did some more editing. This time we worked on Track 10. To this point, we'd done zero work on the lead vocals. We thought it best to start with the choruses so we could do background vocals sooner rather than later. This went really smooth. We planned on only finishing one or two, but we wound up doing them all. I'm really happy with how that one's coming together. I was telling Stephen before that it's probably been my favorite track to work on. We'll see if that changes once we start editing the verses and pre-choruses.

That's all we did today. Lately we've most done short sessions, but we're planning on a longer one tomorrow. Should be fun. Well, it should be fun-ish we still have a fair amount of editing to do.