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Recording Journal: Day 48

I can't say why exactly, but I came in today with a lot of energy and a real get to work attitude. I think it helped our production quite a bit. We got to work pretty quick. We started with Track 8. We'd already done a bit of background vocals on this, but, as I listened back, the vocals didn't feel as lively as I hoped. Stephen and I decided it might be cool to double the lead vocals. That's what we did. It seemed to work pretty well, and it went pretty smooth. We used the unidyne mic only. It blended well with what we had already.

After that, we asked Laura if she was up for doing some vocals today. She was! We started with Track 11. I'd done a bit of bg vox already, but we needed Laura to help fill out the sound. We were going for a choir type of feel. Man oh man did it work out. She's a really good singer so basically everything is easy for her, or at least that's how it seems.

We moved to Track 1 pretty quick. For this one, we were looking for a harmony to the background part I'm doing in the breakdown. It starts delicate and builds to the last chorus. It worked great again. She only hits home runs.

After that, we decided to try a part on Track 9 that didn't have any background vocals yet. Stephen had the idea for the middle 8. The idea is somewhat similar to the choir part we did in Track 11, but it feels different. That was a little rockier, but that was mostly because we had to figure out the part exactly. Once it was locked in, things went as smooth as usual.

We took the dogs on a short walk after Laura finished singing for the day.

After the walk, it was back to work for me. We continued working on Track 9 in the middle 8. I was playing around with one idea for a bit, but I wound up feeling like it was too busy, so I just decided to follow what Laura did. That worked just fine. We used the 664 microphone because it gives low notes a cool sound. Stephen said it was similar to a baritone sax.

After that, we went back to Track 1, so I could try to do the background vocals in the chorus. They're sort of high for me, and they're pretty intense, so we weren't going to get too many takes. It went decently fast with a small break to figure out a part. However, it took a bit of a toll on my voice. Luckily we had enough takes to work with.

That was the end of the recording tonight, but we decided to edit that now rather than later. Also, I think we both wanted to be sure we got enough from the takes. It was plenty, which was a relief. They sound good too! They add a lot to the feel of the chorus.

Recording again tomorrow, but I'm thinking it'll be a lot more editing than recording.