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Recording Journal: Day 49

As expected, most of today was spent editing. We started with the verses of Track 4. That went slow, but we didn't seem to run into any unexpected issues. There were a fair number of takes to comb through, and that's what took most of the time. It seemed to be worth doing the extra takes though because in a couple places there was only one or two good takes.

To give ourselves a break from editing, we decided to try and finish all the vocals for Track 1. There wasn't a ton left. It was only a couple harmonies in the verses, and some accent vocals in the chorus. The harmonies went really quick. At first, the accent vocals went pretty quick too, but in the middle of the second chorus we had some decisions to make with how to approach what the lead vocal was doing. It took some time to decide on a route, but it went smooth enough after that. Prior to recording the third chorus, I adjusted the mic so I could sing with a little more power. It helped a lot, or at least it felt like it did.

After we finished recording that, we started work on the editing. We did the third chorus first, since it was most fresh in our minds. The editing did not go well. My voice sounded wooden, or something, and it wasn't good enough to put in the track. I was really surprised because I'm usually pretty good at hearing when things are going wrong. I had Stephen check some of the vocals in the other choruses. Bizarrely, they didn't have the same issue as the ones in the third chorus. Normally, it'd be fine to just copy and paste these since they're more background vocals than anything. The problem is that they're not quite as powerful as the song calls for. Eventually we realized it was probably the mic adjustment before the third chorus that made that one sound weird. Stephen thinks he might be able to fix the issue in the takes, but he let me take a mic home to try and redo them on my own. We stopped editing that once we realized the mic adjustment was the issue.

Next up was Track 5. We were able to edit the verses and pre-choruses to the song quicker than I expected, so we started doing some work with balancing the background vocals. We'd recorded a ton previously, but it's a little too much when the secondary vocal comes in during the last chorus, so we carved out a place for it by muting tracks that sit in the same place. It flows better, and sounds cleaner. We also did a tiny bit of work on the lead guitar.

We stopped after that. It was sort of a bummer day with those messed up takes, but we still got a lot done, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I'll just have to make sure to nail the accent vocals before next session.

Plans are to record middle of next week.