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Recording Journal: Day 50

We started working soon after I arrived. My latest concern was the Track 9 verses. We hadn't edited them yet, so, naturally, I assumed they were garbage, and needed a ton of work. The verses were fine, but Stephen heard something in the pre-chorus that he didn't like. It wasn't bothering me, but we decided to redo it anyway. Even though it wasn't bothering me I did feel like I could do a little better. That went really smooth. We were both pleased with how it ended up, I think.

At the end of our last session, Stephen let me borrow a mic to record some background vocals on my own. We started listening to the pre-chorus background harmony I did for Track 10. Stephen was into it, so it's in the song. We fooled with some effects while we were at it. There's going to be some distortion on the vocals there, which is fun. As we were messing with effects, there was some sort of glitch that made the kick play twice, but one of the times was on a delay. Anyway, it sounded pretty sweet, so we sampled that section and cut it up to create the same effect. It was pretty cool.

Next up was Track 1, which was the main song I wanted to try recording on my own. We'd tried it last session, but I wasn't super psyched on what I was doing. I wanted to examine it a little further, and that's what I did. It was just the accent vocals, for the most part, although I did add a harmony. Stephen wasn't sold on the harmony, but seemed to mind it less once we put the vocals at the right volume.

At some point during the session, we looked at a number of songs to evaluate where they are. As it happens, we're in better shape than we thought. Also, after today, Track 1 and Track 10 are ready for mixing!

The plan is to record again tomorrow. We've got some background vocal ideas in mind. Should be fun.