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Recording Journal: Day 51

We started where we left off yesterday: background vocals for the middle 8 on Track 6. Before I left yesterday, we tried finding the right harmony to the lead vocals. We got close, but we decided to hold off taking a real run at it until today. It went really quick. I didn't even record it in the vocal booth. I just did it in the control room. I can't recall the reason for doing that, but it was Stephen's idea, so I'm assuming there was a reason. Either way, it sounded good. That completed the recording for that song. It's ready for mixing.

In the studio we have a progress chart where only half the background vocals were filled in for Track 8. We both thought that was done, so we opened it up to investigate. We didn't need additional vocals, so that was ready for some mixing, and that's what we started doing. That's probably what we worked on the longest today. It made a pretty major difference just messing with the levels.

Next, we wanted to finish the background vocals for Track 12. We started off finding a harmony for me to sing. That didn't take super long. After finding one, I went into the booth to record it. It sounded okay, but it wasn't as full as I'd hoped. Stephen and I decided we should turn to the master: Laura. She came in and crushed it. Stephen stacked takes on takes. It's massive now. We may need to trim a bit more to make room, but we've got tons of great takes from which to choose.

That's all we did. The plan is to record again tomorrow.