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Recording Journal: Day 52

We began recording soon after I arrived. We started with finishing the background vocals on Track 7. Laura did all the background vocals on this song, and it sounds really good. The post chorus was the only part that remained. She took it down like it was nothing. During one of the harmonies she used a pretty fun vocal quality that I described as Denali-esque. Pretty psyched on that.

Next, we looked into Track 11. It was mostly finished, but the lead vocal needed a little help to stand out from the previous background vocals that we did. We decided to just have me sing it an octave lower to give it a little more weight. That worked out better than I expected, and it was easy. We spent some time editing the background vocals and lead vocals after that before moving on.

The last song we worked on for the day was Track 4. Before we could do the background vocals, we had to edit the choruses. After that, we tried to determine the best harmony. We decided to use a simplified version of one I used in the demo. That went way quicker than I think anyone anticipated, which was awesome since it was sort of close to the edge of my range. While I was in the booth, we decided to have me double the lead as well. That worked really well, I think. Next, we had Laura sing what I'd call the accent vocals. That went smooth too.

It was a really successful day, and I didn't expect that since I only got a few hours of sleep though, but I'm happy. That's basically it for most of the background vocals. There's one small part for sure remaining. I think we may want to add one additional part too, but I'm not sure. Other than that, only a guitar solo remains for the recording.