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Recording Journal: Day 54

Today started off kind of weird. There was a power outage where Stephen works, so he was able to leave early. He let me know we could start sooner than we planned, and that's what we did.

We continued working on Track 9. I'd been toying with some different guitar sounds for the rhythm guitars, and had him test those out. They didn't sound the same as when I was testing, so we held off on doing that. We moved to what's basically a crowd vocal in the verses. To get the sound, Stephen, Laura, and I stood in front of two mics, and did the part a few times. After that, we'd switch places, and do it again. Throughout, Stephen had us mix up the volume and where we were pointed. For a couple takes, Stephen was facing completely away from the microphone. Once, we'd done a bunch of takes, we went back into the listening booth. Stephen set it to play all the takes. It sounded like a crowd, so it was a success! We spent a bit of time playing around with how to make the crowd sounds fit best within the mix.

As we were toying with the crowd sounds, Stephen learned that he had to go back to work for a bit. That kinda sucked. While waiting for him to return, I learned how to play Eternal Flame, which was stuck in my head. I also goofed around on the drums. Eventually I wandered around and started bothering Laura. We shot the breeze until Stephen returned.

Once Stephen returned, he remembered that I was thinking an octave of the lead vocal in Track 7 would sound cool. Laura did 3 takes of that, and it was golden.

After that, we returned to messing around with the crowd vocal. We got it pretty close to where it needs to be. Then we called it a night. We're planning on recording again mid next week.