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Recording Journal: Day 55

All of today was spent mixing tracks 2 and 3. I thought focusing on two songs each of the next several times we meet would be the most efficient use of our time. If we discover we need something additional, or need to change something, we can, but we're ready to mix, at least for the most part.

We started with Track 3 because it needed the most work done. There was a lot done with just balancing the volumes of the different parts, but we also tweaked the sound of some stuff. There's a synth that starts at the beginning of the song that we manipulated in a fun way. Stephen created a specific eq for that part and then had the high and low points run up and down frequencies. What made it extra fun is that they weren't moving in unison, and sometimes they'd overlap and such. It makes the part feel more active and unpredictable. We also did some work on the rhythm guitar sounds. We worked to make the higher mids stand out a little more so the guitar wasn't getting buried.

After that, we worked on Track 2. Again, this was mostly just properly balancing the tracks. We did have some fun by adding a delay to a crash. Stephen did it in a way where he was able to finely control each echo. The further it got from the original hit, the more he degraded the sound and narrowed the frequencies. It wound up being really effective. He also found some parts of the song that weren't as tight as they could be, so he fixed those up as well. Outside of that, I think we mostly focused on getting all the vocals to blend better.

Writing about mixing is tougher than recording. I try to describe things in a way where you don't need technical knowledge to understand what's happening, but it seems I either do that, or describe things so broadly that they're nearly contentless. Hopefully I get the hang of it as time goes on.