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Recording Journal: Day 56

The two tracks we wanted to focus on today were Track 1 and Track 4. We started with Track 1. As with yesterday, most of our time was spent on minor tweaks to get everything sitting at the right volume.

The most interesting thing we did was when we worked on the accent vocals. The issue was that they were standing out a bit too much in the mix, so, in addition to turning them down a little, we thought some effects might help them blend too.

After putting some effects on, Stephen had the idea of trying a pre-reverb. I thought it was worth a shot. We tried going about it in a conventional way at first, but quickly moved on to a way that was a little easier to control. To get the effect we wanted, we got a reverb that we liked then we reversed the main track and recorded that to a separate track. Then we reversed both of them again so they were playing normally. We also took off the reverb from the original one. From there, we were able to move and manipulate the reverb effect to our liking. We'll probably have to tweak it a little more, but it's pretty fun as is.

On Track 4, we also did a lot of minor tweaks. The vocals especially needed some help with volume even within the same line. To do that, we had to automate some volume changes. It's a little tedious, but it makes a big difference.

Probably the thing we spent the most time on with Track 4 was the guitars. We had to do a fair amount of work to get them sounding their best. Initially they were too low in the mix, but when we put them at the right volume we discovered some sounds we didn't like. It took a bit to lock into the right sound. We wanted to keep what we liked about the initial sound, but it was tricky to lose what we didn't like without losing too much of the character.

Later on in the song, there are some guitars that sound like lead parts, but we put them kind of in the background and use them to build the tension going into the last chorus. They were also a little hidden initially, so we got them at the right volume. From there, I thought they were stepping on each other a little too much, so I thought putting one of them at a different place in the stereo field might fix the issue. That gave Stephen the idea to try dropping one of the parts into the track we use for the right rhythm guitar in the chorus. It's significantly grittier, and it sounded fantastic immediately, which was pretty exciting. I think Stephen was going to try some additional stuff from there, but we decided to leave it since that solved the issue.

The songs are really coming together, and it's making me excited. We're back at it tomorrow.