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Recording Journal: Day 57

As was the case the past couple days, today consisted primarily of minor tweaks and adjustments. We continued by focusing on the beginning of the album. The tracks for today were Track 5 and Track 6.

For both tracks, we turned down the vocals. They'd become quite loud as we recorded and edited them. It was time to find the right volume. We also did a fair bit of frequency slotting in both songs, so each vocal or instrument had room to shine.

In Track 5, we actually discovered we still had some editing to do in the chorus vocals, so we did that as well. That gave the song a nice lift. We also spent some time aligning the background vocals properly. The ending of the song was a bit of a mess before. It was a guitar ring out that went for like 30 seconds. We were able to cut that down to a reasonable time, and ramp down the volume in a way that sounded natural.

In Track 6, we did a lot of work with the reverb in the vocals and drums. Well, the drums didn't have any reverb prior, so we added some. It definitely helped give a little more life in the verses, where the drums are sparse. The reverb was changed on the vocals to be more of a small hall, or a chamber type sound.

In addition to the frequency slotting we did on Track 6, we also gave a little boost in part of the bass to bring out the snarl. It has a great sound, but was getting a little buried with everything else going on. This solved the issue.

The plan is to continue on Wednesday.