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Recording Journal: Day 58

Today we worked on Track 7 exclusively. I didn't expect to focus on one track so much, but it's a departure from the rest of the songs on the album with regard to instrumentation and overall dynamics. That made it trickier to work with.

Balancing the volumes of all the tracks took a majority of the time, but that's not particularly interesting to talk about. The most interesting thing we did today was add some distortion to the vocals at the very end. We'd done a bit of that in other songs, but this time was different because we tied the level of distortion to the volume of my singing. The louder I sang, the more distorted my voice became. It's a significant effect to put on the lead vocal, so we'll have to revisit it later and make sure we still like it, but it sounded good today.

The other fun thing we did was change the main piano sound. We wound up going with a different plugin all together. From there, I suggested adding a touch of delay. From there, Stephen put the delay he liked best on one side, and the one I liked best on the other. It's subtle, but it's fun.

After working on stuff, we talked about music for a bit. Notable bands were Phantom Planet, Eels, and Dirty Projectors.

The plan is to do more work tomorrow.