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Recording Journal: Day 59

We worked primarily on Track 9 today, which is what we expected. It had the most work to be done of all the songs. We started working on adjusting the guitar sound. It sounded okay in the louder parts, but wasn't rich enough in the verses, at least I didn't think so. That went a fair bit quicker than I anticipated. It boiled down to a combination of minor tweaks to the digital amp and the eq. I'm not sure it's perfect, but it's a ton better than what we had before.

From there it was a lot of tedious work. I'm not sure we did much otherwise in terms of changing a sound or doing something creative. It was pretty by the book balancing and eqing. Oh, we did have to finish editing some of the vocals. For some reason, both Stephen and I forgot we still had some of that left to do. What we had sounded solid, but the editing made it better.

After that, we began work on Track 8. We'd already done a good amount of work on this track previously, so most of my thoughts coming in were small in scope, or just ideas for trying something different. We spent some time working on making the drums wider in the stereo field. The drums are pretty sparse in the verse, so there's room to mess around with stuff like that. I think it makes the track more fun.

Before I left, we started working on manipulating the vocals in the verse as well. They're also primed for some fun effects, but I had to leave before we could nail down anything substantial.

It was a pretty successful day. The plan is to get in a short session tomorrow.