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Recording Journal: Day 60

Today we picked up where we left off yesterday, which was messing with the Track 8 vocals in the verse. When we stopped yesterday, we'd started experimenting with a phaser. After we stopped, Stephen continued working on it some. One of the things he did was add an eq plugin where two points were tied to the volume of the vocal, and they were moving in opposite directions. That, in combination with the phaser, gave the vocals a more exciting sound. On top of that, he also tried a little bit of distortion. After listening, I thought it'd be cool to lay into the distortion a little more, especially toward the end and take down the fluctuating eq wetness some. It changed the vibe, but I think it works well in the song.

In the breakdown, Stephen had a little distortion going on still, but, after using it so much in the verse, I thought about going the opposite way. In this instance, that meant going straight up clean vocals, and just using the clean sounding acoustic guitar. At first, Stephen was hesitant to take out the pad and crappy sounding acoustic that were also going on. After I explained my thought of layering them back in while messing with the vocals at the same time, he was on board. We really upped the weirdness in the song the past couple days, and, I think, it's made it more fun.

After that, there's a reverse drum hit we use at the end of the song that I wanted to either remove or manipulate so it didn't sound like a reverse drum hit. We do a similar thing at the end of Track 7. I doubt others would notice, but I would. Anyway, because it was that sort of day, we decided to screw with the sound. First, Stephen put all the takes at different pitches. That way they didn't feel cohesive. Next, he reversed it back to normal, put some delay on it, recorded that, then reversed it again. It sounded pretty cool at this point, but I thought we might as well lean into the weirdness a little more, so we put a pretty severe tremolo on it also. It doesn't sound like a reverse drum hit anymore.

Next, we did a bit of work on Track 10. Primarily we did some editing that remained. That went pretty smooth. We also did some fun work with the drums in the pre-chorus. We'd worked with them a little before, but this time we made sure they sounded right and were at the right volume. We did some timing adjustments to them as well, which helped the flow. We'll really dig into the song next session, which sounds like it'll be Tuesday.