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Recording Journal: Day 61

We picked up where we left off: working on Track 10. As always, the majority of the mixing was unglamourous. There was a great deal of perfecting drum timing and eqing guitars. The most interesting thing we did was actually record some more vocals. Bizarre, I know. I was telling Stephen about an idea for what basically amounts to an echo in the verse. He figured my demonstration was good enough, and it'd be better to sing it rather than copy from the lead vocal. What he didn't tell me at the time was that he wanted to put it on the same track as the crazy background vocal in the chorus. If you don't remember, that vocal track is soaking with distortion, and it has another octave added on top of the vocal, and it's pitch corrected like a T Pain song. Suffice to say, it sounds pretty squirrely. It's fun though. We both got a kick out of it. Oh, we also tried to bring out the whisper parts a little more.

At some point we moved to Track 11. Stephen had done a little work on his own prior to today. There's still a touch of editing remaining, but it's not too much. As with the other tracks, this was primarily small tweaks. We did get to start creating some different sounds for miscellaneous melodies I scatter through the song. Stephen had a particular sound in mind, and we worked toward finding/creating it. I think we got kinda close, but we'll need to continue shaping the sound next session, which happens to be scheduled for tomorrow.