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Recording Journal: Day 62

Stephen was working on sounds for Track 11 when I arrived. First, we worked on a small little melody that's sort of in the background of the verse. I made a demo with it as a string type sound. Stephen thought it'd be cooler as some sort of piano type sound, so we worked on that for a bit.

After that, we worked on a part I'd written as a piano. We decided to get a little wacky and lean into some moog modular sounds. That was really fun. We made it kind of grimy, but it has these little swells and shivers in each note. It's pretty sweet.

We did some editing of vocals as well. It's probably something we should have done earlier, but, oh well, I suppose. They're done now, and they sound nice.

I sent over a wav of a pad I made for the song a while ago. Stephen put a fun effect on the pad that plays with the stereo field, and, oh geez, I wanna say there's some saturation too. I dunno; it was hot, and I wasn't super focused when he was telling me about the effect. To me, it sounded like the eq was just shaped a little differently, but I think that's not what it is. Anyway, the effect sounds great on the pad.

The plan is to do more work tomorrow.