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Recording Journal: Day 63

Today was pretty straight forward. We didn't do much of anything apart from the normal stuff. We worked on Track 12 exclusively. We did some eq work on the guitars. We did minor work on the timing of different parts. We balanced the volume of all the drums better. We did a bit more editing on the vocals. It seems like we did more of a loose edit when we first worked on them.

The most unique thing we did was probably some of the work on the room mics for the guitars. Stephen added a tiny delay that made them sound more spacious. A more spacious sound seemed appropriate for the last song.

Anyway, that's the last time I'll be in the studio for a while. Stephen's going to be doing some mixing on his own, and then uploading those for me to check and give notes. Also, he's got a baby coming real soon, so there's a lot going on. No idea when the next update is coming. We're really closing in though, so it's pretty exciting.