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Starting A Song

Lately I've been relying on Amplitube for sounds too much. At least that's how it's felt. I decided to go without for this video. Since I wasn't using that, I decided to go a step further and not do any guitars either. I think it wound up pretty cool. Definitely made some different decisions than normal. I especially enjoy the delay on the vocals.
Some of the choices I made in this one surprised me. I didn't expect so much background vocals. I think they're fun though. The reversed cymbal and snare I thought worked well too.
This is a lot more straightforward than a lot of my recent stuff. Pretty standard setup. I tried playing around with lead parts and synths and whatnot, but they were more distracting than anything. I feel like the bass part's pretty fun!
Don't know why exactly, but this turned into a dance track. It's rare that I'm compelled to write a dance track, but this was a whole mess of fun.
I decided to change up the style for these videos. The talking didn't add a whole lot. I think this is more fun to watch. The editing takes a fair bit longer, but I think it's worth it. Let me know what you think.
It was a real chore getting to the point where I could upload this. One of the videos I'd filmed for this was corrupt, and I didn't realize that was the problem for a while. It kept shutting down the software I use to edit, so I was uninstalling and reinstalling programs and drivers thinking that was the issue. Luckily I had a partial video I'd made before where I had to stop because I was interrupted by a phone call. Without that, it'd be all titles.

In this project, I spent a lot of time on the drums.
It was nice out, so I tried to write something with a summer vibe, but I missed the mark. Not sure what this is.
I used a progression map today to help me find a different type of progression than I'd normally use. Was pretty fun. I wound up going outside of the normal chords in the key, and using some 7th chords.
Took Stephen's suggestion and made a project with a 6/8 time signature. Couldn't think of lyrics, so I just decided to make them about pizza.
Decided to try releasing these as I do them rather than all at once in the weekly recaps. We'll see how it goes.

My friend Stephen suggested I play in all the sounds rather than writing them in the piano roll, so I gave it a whirl. He also suggested that I not loop any of it. No dice there. I don't know how long these will be when I start, and I didn't want to record multiple 2+ minute takes where I have to play it pretty well. Instead, I just recorded 4 progressions and looped the best of the 4.